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Published September 27th, 2015 by Kelia

ROAM :: 4 Countries in 3 minutes By: Tyler Haft Ft: Yours Truly 


Published July 17th, 2014 by Kelia

On a beach in Hawaii is where my happiness is a guarantee…. 



It is 3:58pm… I'm writing to you from what has seemed to be my second home over the past couple years, an Airport! I'm sitting in the United Lounge waiting 10 hours for my flight back home from the Mentawia's. I just spent the last 10 days on a boat in the middle of the ocean surfing some of the most incredible waves! With me was two of the worlds most respected and favorite female surfers, 4 times world champ Lisa Andersen and 5 times world champ Stephanie Gilmore. If you were to tell the 13 year old me that I would one day be on a boat with those two incredible ladies hanging out and surfing all day together I'd probably pass out! These ladies have been huge influences in my life! And this trip was an absolute dream. And this is all thanks to our sponsor Roxy…. We scored some really fun waves but more importantly shared many many laughs. We were lucky enough to have every session filmed and photographed by some of the best and I can't wait till you get to see the footage of us goofing around. 


Thank you two for making a little Hawaiian girls dream come to life :) 





Published June 5th, 2014 by Kelia

My real name is Kelia Moniz…. But my family and friends call me Sister. Here, you will get a chance to know me like they do, as Sister! 
I am the only girl in a family of 5, yes, I have four bothers (Micah, Isaiah, Josh, and Seth), two loving, supporting, incredible parents (Tony and Tammy), and here you will quickly figure out I have A LOT of "Best Friends". I love people, places, smiles, food, the ocean, sunsets, elephants, laughing, the list can go on for days. So instead of continuing this long boring list, I'm planing to make this blog a fun place to visit and get a little taste of my life as Sister Moniz.  A weekly over load of videos, photos, and updates on my life, travels, friends, and favorites of EVERYTHING! Hope you get to know me a little better and enjoy my life as I will be as transparent as possible! 
With Love and always a smile, 
- Sister 

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